Merits of bb cream compared to the foundation

BB creams refer to “beauty balm,” BB creams are lighter than foundation, which is designed for max coverage and further makeup. “BB cream offers sheer coverage for first makeup. Foundation is a better choice if you are trying to cover blemishes or pimples, so here it is clear that BB Cream better than Foundation. For heavier makeup, full-coverage foundations, BB creams provide a silky, sheer layer of cream tint on the skin. Wear it only for a natural, fresh-faced finish or as a smooth and radiant base under foundation. So, here is the best way to use it. This shows how the BB cream Vs foundation makes an opposite pair. One of the most surprising things about BB cream is that it can improve the appearance of your skin, with coverage. BB creams usually contain antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E which can help improve skin elasticity as well as brightness. Some have hyaluronic acid which deeply moisturizes your skin. The following helps you to show the difference between BB Cream and Foundation.

BB Cream

No longer has the beauty counter newbie, BB cream proved it’s a serious contender in the base coverage category. The skin-care cream and SPF product claim to have all your beauty need evening out redness, hydrating, creating a natural texture, protecting your skin covered. BB creams range anywhere from a barely-there tint to medium coverage and some even contain ultra-high SPFs. BB creams also have the added benefit of helping breakout-prone skin; after all, they call it a blemish balm for nothing. “If you’re acne-prone, using a BB cream that’s oil-free is a good way to go”. One potential issue with BBs: Most come in a range of light, medium and dark, so they lack a lot of shade diversity. If you can’t find an exact match to your skin tone, best to stick to those with a sheer finish.


Comparatively, the foundation is a classic go-to option for makeup artists and beauty mavens who want to create a flawless canvas and have superior skin coverage. If you want something that’s going to last all day and give you flawless skin, the foundation is the right choice”. When it comes to perfecting your complexion, choosing between BB cream and foundation can be confusing: you know they’re both designed to make your skin look better, but that’s when the plot thickens. Finding the right level of makeup coverage for your face is a deeply personal quest, with options ranging from dry skin to combination to oily, and numerous options for darker complexions, as well. To help you choose, we spoke to makeup artists about how to understand the differences between BB creams which can be used as a primer, a moisturizer, instead of foundation, or in addition to it once and for all.